Project Management

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Contractor Management
Outage Supervision
Customer Training
Service Agreements
Quality Processes and Inspections
Contractor Supervision
OEM Inspections
New Equipment Installation and Commissioning


Test and Inspection Services
TEAM Inspection
PdMA Testing
High Voltage Testing
Electrical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Coil Manufacturing
<> High & Medium Voltage Coils
<> Inner Cooled Coils - Hydrogen / Water
Stator Rewinding
AC Stators - any size, voltage, mfg.
<> High / Medium Voltage
<> Turbo / Hydro / Diesel / Wind
Rotor Rewinding
<> Wound/Synchronous/Turbo
<> Hydro Poles DC Motors
<> Armature Rewinding
<> Shunt Field Rewinding
<> Interpole Rewinding
<> Series Field Rewinding
Shaft Alignment
Site Dynamic Balance

Repairs (on-site or at facility)

Stator ReWedge
Stator Stability System
Turbo Rotor Rings-Off Inspection
Complete Stator Rewind
Complete Rotor Rewind
New Coils for Stator or Rotors
Rewinding of All Motors

New & Used Equipment Sales